Volunteer Opportunities

Toy and Car Modifications: The toy and car modification volunteers will be responsible for modifying the toys and cars to fit the needs of the child.  Electrical experience is preferred for this position. 

Equipment Cleaning: The cleaning equipment volunteer will be responsible for cleaning/disinfecting of the donated adaptive equipment, toys/cars. 

Events:  Event volunteers assist in a wide variety of duties during AdaptoPlay events, including event set-up, coordinating activities, interacting with the children and families, and event clean-up.  Volunteers may also assist in event preparations such as marketing and planning activities. 

Donation Pickup: The donation pickup volunteers will assist by collecting donations from designated drop-off sites and collecting any donation forms at the sites.  Access to a truck or trailer is preferred due to the size of equipment being donated. 

Marketing/Communications:  Volunteers may assist in promoting AdaptoPlay events.  Duties may include creating flyers, social media posts, invitations and other promotional activities.  

Fundraising:  Volunteers may assist in organizing events and campaigns to raise money and other donations for AdaptoPlay.  Duties may include designing promotional materials and increasing awareness of AdaptoPlay’s work, goals and financial needs.  

If you are interested in getting involved with our volunteer opportunities, please fill out this form.