Adaptive Toys

Play is the primary occupation for young children which can be a challenge for children with developmental disabilities.  This can limit participation in play activities pushing their development father back. Children with developmental disabilities need to have opportunities to play through adaption. 

Switch adapted toys are not covered by their insurance and is at a great cost to their families who are usually low on funds because of other out of pocket expenses to care for their children. We are able to make these items at a low cost and are given to children for free. These programs are run by electrical technicians, electricians, engineers, physical/ occupational therapists and public health professionals. We modify battery operated toys by changing the switch to an external switch. We provide low tech solutions to make play possible for children who are differently-abled.

All toys are give to children at no cost to them. It requires a PT, OT, SLP to request toys.Therapists please fill out the request form.  Please note that you will need to fill out a separate request form for switches. Toys do not automatically come with switches. Once it is filled out, the therapist will receive a confirmation email. We will contact the family to set up a time for them to pick up the toy at which time they will fill out a waiver of liability.  Please expect 3-5 business days after request is made to schedule an appointment for pick up time. Please e-mail us at with questions. 


Please e-mail us at for more information. 


AdaptoPlay does not provide warranties for the modified or repaired devices. AdaptoPlay uses generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP) to repair and modify toys and devices. Note repairs and modifications made by AdaptoPlay will most likely void any existing warranties on devices. It is the responsibility of the supplying party to ensure that the devices are used in the proper manner and with proper supervision. AdaptoPlay volunteers will under no circumstances repair or modify any AC powered device, medical equipment, or wheelchairs.