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Toy Adapting Workshops

AdaptoPlay hosts collaborative workshops where volunteers are shown how to adapt battery-powered toys with external switches so that children with disabilities can use them. Switch adapted toys allow individuals with physical disabilities the opportunity to play and learn in an independent manner. With the use of an external switch, a person with disabilities can be an active participant in fun, meaningful, accessible activities. 

We currently have home toy adapting tool kits where volunteers can adapt toys at home either on their own or as a family activity. Our Maker Team has several “How-To” videos to walk volunteers through the entire process and we even meet virtually to discuss the adapting process! Contact us at kyle@adaptoplay.org to learn more! 

We host annual events including our Breakfast with Santa event, where we give away free adapted toys to children and families. To see photos and more information from our past events, see our Adaptive and Inclusive events page. We also partner with physical therapy clinics in the region where we donate adapted toys to families of children with disabilities. 

Toy adapting workshops are a great way to get involved with AdaptoPlay and meet other volunteers from around the community. Our Maker Group is a diverse team and there is no need for a technical background to start getting involved. To learn more please see the “Get Involved” link on this website. 

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AdaptoPlay does not provide warranties for the modified or repaired devices. AdaptoPlay uses generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP) to repair and modify toys and devices. Note repairs and modifications made by AdaptoPlay will most likely void any existing warranties on devices. It is the responsibility of the supplying party to ensure that the devices are used in the proper manner and with proper supervision. AdaptoPlay volunteers will under no circumstances repair or modify any AC powered device, medical equipment, or wheelchairs.